Neely caught lying to two Judges!

In an effort to get Herb Lux incarcerated on the false charges Neely brought against him for attempting to expose Neely’s use of perjury and withholding evidence in his sons case, Neely prepared a fraudulent Order that he had entered by two different Judges one on July 3, 2014, (Exhibit 6) and one August 4, 2014, (Exhibit 15) which had to be vacated (dismissed), July 15, 2014 (Exhibit 10) and August 6, 2014, (Exhibit 18).  Neely had claimed that Herb had exhausted his appeals which was false.

Neely has been aided in his criminal conduct by Deputy Sheriff, Barbara Harvey who gave perjured testimony in the Circuit Court against Herb Lux.  Although the evidence of perjury by Deputy Barbara Harvey was turned into Sheriff Roger Harris he has failed to take any corrective action.

View Court Orders and evidence here!

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